Makres Energy


Our Investment in Renewable and Environmentally Friendly Energy is for the Future

Makres Enerji plays a significant role in the energy transformation process of Turkey, contributing to the development of the renewable energy sector in the country.

In April 2017, it completed the Makres Solar Energy Plant project in the Alanya district of Antalya within four months and started operating the facility with a capacity of 5,830 kWp / 5,000 MWe.

Makres Enerji, by investing in 22,000 solar panels, focuses on diversifying Turkey's energy portfolio and developing sustainable energy resources. Makres Enerji is a 100% subsidiary of İrem İnşaat.

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With an average annual
electricity production of

9.765.000 kWh


can meet all the electricity
needs of 2.689 People on a
daily basis.


It produces enough electricity
to meet the energy needs of
3,269 households.

By producing electricity from renewable energy sources, it continues to contribute to nature and the future by preventing

5.000 tons of CO₂

emissions annually.

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Core Values

Makres Enerji respects people and the environment. It ensures not only within its own structure but also that all its business partners follow the same policy towards people and the environment.

Trust is the cornerstone of Makres Enerji. The reliability we provide for our customers and business partners is at the center of all our activities. It has adopted the principle of trustworthiness, highlighting its corporate identity to ensure that trust is always associated with Makres Enerji.

With our projects aimed at adding value to both the environment and society, we carry energy into the future. We follow the latest technological developments in the energy sector not just in Turkey, but globally.


We produce quality, renewable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable energy with
100% domestic capital.




Expert Business

5.83 MW

Renewable Energy
Installed Capacity

9.750 K

kWh Renewable Energy
Installed Production

Energy Solutions
Shaping the Future

Makres Enerji is a leading company that meticulously develops all its works in the renewable energy sector and offers solutions for the energy needs of the future. Our company, which acts with an awareness of protecting nature and bases its operations on the principle of sustainability, stands out with its innovative approach and groundbreaking principles.

Respect for the environment and people, which is the cornerstone of Makres Enerji, is at the center of all our activities. By investing in renewable energy sources, we aim to protect natural resources while also contributing to the provision of a clean and safe environment.

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5.830 kWp
5.000 MWe

70.000 m2

on an
Area of



Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji
Makres Enerji