President's Message

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Creation is such a powerful phenomenon that every being passes through various locations on its journey of development and growth. Only the tree can grow and mature where it stands. Although we have gone through many difficult processes in our company, which we established in 1995 with a small budget, we provide services in many cities of our country by improving ourselves day by day, being positively affected by today's technological resources, and benefiting from OHS Laws and Regulations in every field of our employment. Irem Construction has delivered every project it has undertaken in Highways Construction Works completely and on time. With the values and experience we have gained over the years, we know that we must always move forward in all our projects for the benefit of society. Since the first day we joined business life, we have been careful to encourage ourselves and every stakeholder under our responsibility to develop and innovate, and we provide full support to the generation that will take responsibility after us in establishing their education and business ethics discipline.

We are pleased to target the R&D and feasibility studies that have been needed by today's economy and humanity since the existence of the world, by furthering today's technological opportunities in the agriculture and energy sectors, by taking part in all kinds of benefits that will benefit the public, and by planning them within professional teams.

Our projects for the coming years in the fields of agriculture and energy continue to develop in a pioneering position by prioritizing public service. We keep our services at the highest level of effectiveness by taking advantage of today's written sources and all kinds of up-to-date technologies in this field, with an approach that is sensitive to the needs of the society. We are taking firm steps forward by adopting the principle of sustainability and focusing on the zero waste policy. It is our primary duty as citizens to develop the existing potential in the country and the world economy at the highest level by producing innovative solutions in order to increase the welfare of the society and to strive for a brighter and more conscious future.

Since our establishment, we will continue to exist in all areas that benefit both social responsibilities and society. Every relationship based on discipline, trust, loyalty and respect is suitable for growth and development. This understanding is the greatest expression of the effort we have put in over the years. Each of us has the courage to walk safely, side by side, on a great path. This development is valid for all our teammates, with whom we have worked hard, each individually but as a whole, with whom we have developed, grown, worked in a beautiful balance, and with all our friends with whom we will be together in the past and in the future.

My dear stakeholders, I am honored to have you by my side in every difficulty and every gain from past to present, and I am grateful to you for that.

Kind Regards,

Yücel VAR